Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We've got another one!

Makyla Kay Madsen
Born March 17th 2009
to Mike and Kynwynn Madsen

6lbs 3oz 19inches long.

She is such a Beautiful baby. Mom was there with her when she went in which is good because Mike is still out fighting terrorism. Joni was also there along with a couple of Mikes sisters.
Makyla has a lot of black hair and has long feet and hands just like Jordan. I watched Jordan and Socrates for kynwynn while all this was going on.
I am happy to report that Kynwynn did not request to brush her teeth before pushing,(so the nurses wouldn't smell her bad breath) A Listerine strip worked just as well.

Well congrats to Eva and Kynwynn
(and of corse Mom and Dad, who now have 10 grandchildren)


  1. Congrats to Kynwyn! So cool that these cousins will be so close in age...and so far in distance. :) She's adorable and we wish Kynwyn, Mike, and their kids the best!

  2. Holy crap! Isn't she way early? I thought she wasn't due until May? Congrats to the Madsen's!!!!!